Word Of The Week – Happenchance – Our New Weekly Feature

Doris loves words. She is a wordsmith and adores the way that a simple word can create a feeling, a sentiment, an emotion or an atmosphere. Words are used every second of every day to convey and express what we see, hear, feel and what we need to know. But there are so many words in the English language how do you pick your favourites? Well over the coming weeks Doris is holding a ‘Word of the Week’ on a Friday over on her Facebook page and we would love for you to be involved! So please do send your ideas for words of the week either to info@dorisandco.co.uk or by messaging us on our Facebook page.

So let’s start! This weeks word of the week is ‘HAPPENCHANCE’ – it means a fluke or coincidental event. What has been your HAPPENCHANCE this week? Let us know on our Word of the Week post on Facebook, it would be great to hear from you! See you there!

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