Why We All Need A Little Bit Of Doris In Our Lives…

Doris doesn’t just make mugs. Oh no. Doris is one hell of a woman. In fact, she is a little piece of all women, and that is what makes her special.

When you hold your Doris mug in your hands or when you pour your tea from a Doris teapot, you aren’t just making a cuppa. You are taking a moment. A special moment to stop, gather your thoughts and reboot your day.

Doris is full of aspects of each and everyone one of us. The wife, the mother, the business woman, the homemaker, the soft sentimental type, the feisty type, the cake baker, the gin and tonic drinking garden party organiser and the woman in all of us who loves to live. She’s done a lot in her life and knows what she wants and she will achieve it. She’s brave and strong but still warm and loving. She knows loves to be busy but likes to relax.

So next time you pick up a Doris mug, or teapot, or even use one of our tea towels, in Doris’ own words…. ‘When you see this, remember me’ for I am ‘made of stern stuff’ – and so my darlings… are you.

Photo credit: Victoria’s Cottage

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