When this you see, remember me…

At this festive time of year we often think of absent friends and loved ones, people we miss, who have maybe moved away or leaving their jobs. Our unique ‘When this you see, remember me’ mug is the perfect gift for those people who will always remain in your heart, no matter where they are.

When the swallows return and nest, then summer is coming again. In Victorian times, the swallow was a symbol of a pledge. The hyacinths and bluebells signal the warmth to come. Our design reflects this and creates a simple yet stunning gift full of feeling.

If you have one of our ‘When you see this, remember me’ mugs, why not share your story and a photo of it on our Twitter feed andFacebook page using the hashtag #mugswithmeaning and we will give you a shout out! 🙂

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