The Doris Blogger Interviews… Rhea Freeman

It’s a sunny and super hot Monday morning here at Doris & Co HQ and what a scorcher of a blog post we have for you today as we bring to your our new Monday morning blog post series ‘The Doris Blogger Interviews’.

Over the coming weeks, Doris will be interviewing her favourite bloggers and asking them how they got into blogging, what motivates them and what makes them tick!

Our very first interview is with the rather fabulous Rhea Freeman. So, hold on to your mugs, here we go!

Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

I’m Rhea Freeman and I’m a small business coach. I specialise in coaching connected with PR, marketing and social media. I do also have a small number of ‘full’ PR clients but the majority of the work I do is coaching. I also run the Small & Supercharged Facebook group and the VIP group. And have two small children, two horses, and an ever so slightly mental Trialhound called Jam. My blog is business focused. I try and blog three times a week. One blog is usually more educational, one interviews a small business owner who has caught my eye on social media or somewhere else, and the other from now on will look at a client of mine and look an an aspect of what they do.

Is blogging your ‘day job’? If not, what do you do

It’s not… but I love it. I use my blog to help people get to know me a bit better – to hear my thoughts on things and also to help promote small businesses I like. I’m passionate about small businesses and education, so working with small businesses to help and support them achieve their goals is right up my street. And the blog is a part of the overall jigsaw puzzle.

How did you first get into blogging?

I’ve blogged for clients for a long time, and have spent years telling people they should blog and how powerful it is. But my own blog got horribly neglected in favour of clients’. Then I decided, especially as my coaching took off, that it was essential to practice what I preach as I would also be able to see the issues faced by clients too… and help them overcome them. I ‘properly’ started blogging with a self inflicted 40 day blogging challenge. Where I blogged once a day for 40 days. Good lord. It was hard going. But I loved every minute and I loved hearing from people who read something and implemented it and it made a difference. Or people who commented that the blog had made them feel more confident about what they were doing or that the blog had given them ideas and inspiration. Although it was VERY time consuming, even with scheduling, I kind of missed it when I stopped doing it. I blog three times a week now and really have content for way more. It’s just a time issue. Annoyingly!

How would you describe your blogging style?

Relaxed and chatty. I like to read blogs that are written how people speak because I find that it’s easier to read… and write. I write formally for clients for press releases, etc. all the time, so it’s nice to just get it the flow and ‘chat’ to my readers.

What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Probably half way through the 40 day challenge when I realised I have 20 days left and work had got incredible busy.

How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?.

Well, I LOVE writing. That’s how I got into PR and marketing, as a copywriter and it grew. But even then it can be tricky when you have no time in the day. However, motivation comes from unexpected places. I had an email last week from a new business owner who said he’d been following my blog and it had really inspired him and one of his aims was to be featured in my blog. It completely made my week and just reinforced that even when I’m busy, it’s important. I really do love it too. As I act for clients so much it’s nice to have an outlet where I can be me.

What is the biggest difference in your life since starting blogging?

People know me as me, not me as Rhea Freeman PR. I use blogs, vlogs, Facebook Lives and my social media to allow people to get to know me better. It sounds arrogant to say that – I mean – why would people care? But they do. With the coaching work I do and how closely I work with people, it’s important they get to know me… if that makes sense. When you’re a brand, people need to know the product (although it doesn’t hurt to add personality too, obviously!), but when you’re a service provider it is essential that people get to know you as you. An authentic and true version. And the blog gives me an amazing outlet to do this.

What does the future hold for your blog?

I’d like to continue to build the following, built up a library of useful articles, continue to promote small businesses and continue for the blog to be a superb platform for my own clients to reach new people too. I’m always looking at new styles of feature to run that I think my readers will like… but I think I’m going to need to up it to four blogs a week if I even let a couple of new ideas come out!

You can find Rhea’s blog here:

Thank you Rhea for being our very first interviewee! We look forward to continuing to read your blog and watching your success unfold 🙂


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