National Cream Tea Day 2019

Did you know that today is National Cream Tea Day? For Doris, this is a staple in a calendar – and what better afternoon tea or sneaky snack to celebrate than the famous scones, jam and cream with a mug of tea by the side?

Emerging from the west-country, cream teas began to boom from the mid 19th century onwards, providing delectable treat to locals and visitors alike. Cream Teas always used the best quality ingredients and rapidly spread across the country, world and in variety.

Since then, many cream tearooms have established, providing that same wondrous treat that the locals of the time would have enjoyed. Sandwiches and a range of other sweet desserts were also included to create the new Afternoon Tea as we know it today? But what makes the perfect cream tea, and – more importantly – how do you eat it?

Firstly, it is important to recognise that this tradition is from the west-country, which includes Cornwall, Devon and Somerset – that is three slightly different ways to create and eat the cream tea. For Doris, cream teas should include loose leaf tea in a teapot, your favourite Doris half pint mug, scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream, with the jam going on before the cream.

You cannot beat homemade scones for a cream tea, however, if you aren’t able to make them, or cannot wait for them to cook (we all know that feeling), then we can really recommend Becky’s Bakery scones! They are tasty, without taking too much away from the jam and cream, soft, crumbly – just perfect for a cream tea!

Moving onto our next layer – jam! Strawberry is the traditional flavoured jam to use, however feel free to experiment if you are not keen on strawberry jam. Wilkins and Sons Strawberry Jam or Fortnum and Masons Strawberry Jam are both perfect candidates for your scones!

Lastly, the cream. If you are like Doris, then cream is probably your favourite layer (and the biggest!). Rhodda’s clotted cream is a firm favourite for Doris in cream teas. Not too heavy that it becomes hard to eat, but not too late so you cannot really get a good scoop and drop it on! Simply moreish!

What are your favourites when it comes to making your own cream teas?

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