Me Time and why it’s important…

So it’s done, we’ve barrelled out of the Christmas break, made it through the New Year milestone, packed away the decorations and suddenly we’re past the middle of January! How on earth did that happen and do you actually feel like you stopped over the break?

Too often, the answer to the above question is no – whether you had gatherings to cater for, parties to go to, presents to buy and wrap or had planned to just hibernate, very often things crop up at the last minute over Christmas and we end up being really busy and sometimes quite frustrated.

Frustrated because our wrapping ended up being a frenzy of sellotape and boxes – rather than the dreamy afternoon by the fire we had planned in our heads. Frustrated because the recipes we squirrelled away weeks before Christmas stayed squirrelled away and a panic shopping trip ensued when we realised that we just hadn’t got the time to be creative. Frustrated when the crafty activities we had planned to embellish the Christmas table with stayed as plans.

But ultimately, we know that Christmas is about being together, the presents and the flourishes are just touches that are nice but they really aren’t the be all and end all – nobody ever reports back that you ruined their Christmas because their crackers weren’t handmade. But in all of this, there is one important element that we missed that really does need to be put right and before 2018 gets much older.

The important bit is the “me-time” that you missed – those dreamy insta-friendly activities would have involved you unplugging and indulging yourself and that’s important. It’s important for your energy, important for your mind and important for your health. So whilst your New Year mindset is still in place (but you do know that you can make little improvements all year round right?) – here’s 5 Doris mini me-times that will help you grab little bites of time here and there – it’s a start and they all add up.


1 Grab a glass of water and drink it slowly whilst just looking out of the window and watching the world go by – too often we just gulp our drinks down and it’s really not that good for us. If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, you can sit and watch #wellnesswednesday for some great tips on hydration over at Karen & Clan.


2 Go for a short walk – around the block, around the park or just up and down the lane. Instead of hopping out of your car and running inside or texting as you walk home – opt for a little perambulate and just let your mind wander. If those pesky shopping list or work deadline thoughts keep jumping in, tell them quite firmly to take a hike and just concentrate on what you can see around you and breathing in and out. If you’re outside for your job anyway, just mindfully tune out the interference and spend 5 minutes drifting.

3 Have a bath instead of a shower – or have a long shower without feeling that you have to jump in and out quickly. If you can dim the lights, light a candle and zone out for a while – even better – but just remember to tell those busy thoughts to do one for 5 minutes.


4 Actually eat your lunch. Doris is really bad at just having lunch when it fits into her day and then rushing it through – but being mindful about your lunch can give you 5 minutes me-time. Sit somewhere away from work and just concentrate on your lunch, no texting at the same time or making calls – just mindful consumption and wandering thoughts. Your brain will really appreciate the time to revive before you throw yourself into the afternoon. gathermugsip

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5 Make a proper coffee or brew a pot of tea – Doris knows that a good mug of your favourite drink is important, but when you make it properly, it forces you to take 5 minute out of your day, so just aim for one drink a day that gives you that me-time and use the time wisely. Zone out, chill out and really make the most of the comforting hug that a mug gives.

So there you go – tiny slices of me-time slotted in alongside things you are already doing – so no saying that you just don’t have time – no matter how busy you are you can always fit at least one of these in. If you’re still having trouble justifying it – remind yourself that the best creativity comes out of silence…after all Archimedes had his eureka moment in the bath!

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