How to make the perfect Espresso

As it is National Coffee Week here in the UK, we thought it was the perfect time to show you how to make the perfect espresso.

The Coffee

The coffee should be from a good reputable brand and always buy whole beans to grind yourself if you can. Beans should be kept in a dry, cool place and not in the freezer (like the urban myth suggests), or anywhere near heat. The roast of the bean should have taken within 3 weeks of you using them and good coffee bean sellers should have a roast date on their packaging.

The Grind

Getting the grind right for your beans really does make a huge difference in your espresso. Too fine and it will taste ashy, too chunky and it will be watery. The texture you are looking for is like flour but with a little bit of gritty sand running through it. The grind should also clump very slightly if you squeeze it without it being damp or sticky.

The Dose

Ideally you should be using between 14g-18g of coffee grounds per 30ml espresso shot, depending on the strength you like it and the coffee beans being used.

The Machine

Make sure your espresso machine is clean and dry both inside and out, including the filter. If you are tamping your coffee (pushing it down to lock out any air) you should do it enough so that when your tip the coffee basket over your head, no coffee escapes (or covers you in coffee grounds!). For an optimal working machine and for the best taste your 30ml espresso shot should only take 30 seconds to create, from switching the water flow on and off again.


The temperature your machine heats at should be a consistent temperature and sit somewhere between 90C and 96C. If your machine fails to keep a constant temperature then your espresso will not have the right taste.

Literary Espresso Mug Collection - Doris & Co English Creamware Ceramics Made in Britain

The Mug

The diminutive Doris & Co espresso mug with inspiring quotes from great writers. Perfect for deep thinkers, strong coffee drinkers, those to be inspired or thanked. For budding writers, young would-be goods and old ne’erdowells. These mugs are taken from an early industrial English ‘coffee can’ shape (1820’s) and made in English creamware by hand in England.

Enjoy your perfect espresso and Happy National Coffee Week!

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