Doris launches her new Mr & Mrs Mugs

We have created a new set of mugs for happy couples. The unique mugs, entitled ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’, are hand cast in creamware and are the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, Christmas or Valentines’ Day, or just because.

Designed for couples of all persuasions, the single mugs carry a specially drawn motif and rhyme for ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’, using words from the Old Music Hall song ‘The Honeysuckle and the Bee’.

Doris was inspired by her grandfather who would tell her grandmother that he was the honeysuckle to her bee. She explains: ‘I really felt that the Mr & the Mrs mug were something that Doris should be doing – after all, Doris specialises in “Mugs with Meaning” and I really had it in my head that it should be a garlanded mug for weddings, anniversaries, and simply to give to your other half as a loving gesture. With the upcoming royal wedding, it’s a great time to be celebrating all things wedding!



‘I knew that the Victorians put meaning into their bouquets through the language of flowers and as I started thinking about flowers for the garland, the honeysuckle memory came back to me. I had it in our wedding flowers and when I looked it the meaning of it up I knew that it should be the flower that tied the mugs together, so honeysuckle appear in the garlands on both mugs, signifying strong bonds of love. This is complemented by oak for strength and ivy for continuity on our Mr mug and lavender for devotion and rose for happiness on our Mrs mug. The mugs are separate, and yet joined together by the words and the garlands, and we wanted to create something that can be enjoyed by not just Mr & Mrs, but Mr & Mr, and Mrs and Mrs too.

The mugs’ honeysuckle motif is designed by Kathryn Baker, an artist and illustrator from Ilminster. All Doris-ware is decorated using the traditional in-glaze method which gives the wares an old-fashioned subtlety of appearance, but makes them at the same time resilient to use (and butter fingers and dishwasher proof!).

Doris is all about making life a little more beautiful and joyful, so all mugs are sent in a branded Doris box, complete with tissue paper, and a little something from Doris to start you off with your new mug.


You can view the Mr mug here and the Mrs mug here.

Doris’ range of mugs includes Old Friends are Best, Made of Stern Stuff, from Small Acorns and Hold Fast, amongst others.

To review the new Doris mugs, receive high res images, or additional information, please contact

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