Doris & Co’s Holdfast collection expands.

Doris & Co is delighted to announce that the popular Holdfast collection has now expanded to include a teapot and jug – just in time for Christmas.

Both pieces use Doris & Co’s exclusive design featuring two people on horseback galloping through the countryside. As per the mug, the message is a simple one, and that’s through life’s ups and downs, sometimes you just have to holdfast!

“Our Holdfast Mug has been really popular with lots of different people – horsey people, those buying for friends going through a tough time…and people who just love quality handmade creamware,” says Emma Warren from Doris & Co. “Both the teapot and jug are made in Britain to the same exacting standards as the mug, so the quality is excellent and the products will last the test of time. We’ve been working on getting the right teapot and jug for a while and we’re really chuffed with these two. We think they’re the perfect gift for Christmas and beyond.”

The jug is perfect for the kitchen, for sweet peas, cordial…or something a little stronger! It has great proportions as it’s 19cm tall and 22cm wide with the handle. The curvaceous English creamware teapot is sturdy and elegant with a strong, wide handle that makes it easy to pour the perfect cup of tea.

The Holdfast Jug has a RRP of £34.95 and the Holdfast Teapot has a RRP of £39.95.

For more information, see or call 01460 477773.

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